2018-06-21 11:03:01

The Porch of Common Prayer

Peter Tuttle Peter Tuttle

2018-06-21 11:03:01

Life Among the Lava Beds

Leonard Stephenson Leonard Stephenson

2018-06-21 11:03:01

We Almost Made It

Malcolm D. MacDougall Malcolm D. MacDougall

2018-06-21 11:03:01

Vida Cotidiana de Los Egipcios

F. Cimmino F. Cimmino

2018-06-21 11:03:01

Bellboy: A Muletrain Journey

Margaret S. McClain Margaret S. McClain

2018-06-20 11:03:01

La donna in nero

Brunella Schisa Brunella Schisa

What kind of books do you prefer?

To say how many books are impossible in the world. Publishers every day release new copies. Some of them become bestsellers, others long on the shelf, and not finding their readers. They say: "In order to become clever, you need to read only 10 books, but to find these 10, you'll have to read a few hundred." And sometimes it is so pathetic for time to read empty literature, because to understand if something is worth a book, or not at once. We offer you variants of works that are worth reading. - "Deep Dream" - Raymond Chandler - the first of a series of novels about private detective Philip Marlowe. Classic "cool detective." - "Stories" - Anton Pavlovich Chekhov - a classic of world literature. - "Molla", "Malone dies" and "Nameless" - Samuel Beckett - three works that make up the trilogy and represent a separate milestone in the creative biography of Beckett. - "Outsider" - Albert Camus - describes three key events in the life of the nameless hero of the work - the death of the mother, the murder of a local resident and the court, as well as a brief relationship with the girl.