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by Arthur Frey
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Cross And Swastika by Arthur Frey
Arthur Frey
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The swastika has a long history over a span of several thousand years as one of the world's most important auspicious symbols. However, beginning with its hijacking and misappropriation by Nazi Germany, it has also been used, and continues to be used, as a symbol of hate in the Western World. I hope this book will encourage more conversation and dialogue about the complex history of this symbol as a way to peace, mutual understanding and reconciliation. Quotes from the book: ... It is clear that the swastika has had a rich and widespread use throughout most of the globe for thousands of years. The swastika is not just any symbol but one of the most common and valued symbols used by human beings throughout human history, culturally, religiously and spiritually. ... ... Many in the West believe that Hitler invented the swastika symbol. He didn’t. Many also believe he invented the word “swastika” to describe it. He didn’t do that either. ... ... The swastika did not choose Hitler. The swastika has been chosen by many cultures and religions as the symbol of the sun, good fortune and auspiciousness, and billions of people have received the benefit over three thousand years including those who follow Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism. The swastika is not responsible for Hitler’s actions. The swastika is a symbol, whose meaning lies in what others pour into it. ... ... The swastika also appears in the sutras as a symbol of the Buddha’s Heart-Mind, the mind of great compassion, which embraces all beings without discrimination beyond likes and dislikes. ... ... Among the Indian religious traditions, Jainism is most closely associated with Ahimsa or non-violence, and its central symbol is the swastika. ... ... In this sense, it is a Buddhist responsibility to educate the misinformed public about the sacred symbol of the swastika, so the larger public can understand that in Asian religious contexts, it has nothing to do with the racism and hatred of Nazism or racist supremacy groups. ... ... Hitler always used the term “Hakenkreuz” which literally translates to “Hook-Cross,” to refer to his symbol. ...Though racial discrimination and anti-Semitism were done under Hitler’s Cross , English speakers do not see the cross in the swastika. These evil actions were instead done under Hitler’s Swastika. If we call it a Hook-Cross, people may be more likely to recognize the cross in the center of the swastika-cross. Whether intentional or not, these translators protected the Christian cross and damaged the Eastern religious swastika. ... Talking about the swastika can open dialogue. Such a dialogue can embrace the tragedy of the Holocaust - not forgetting its victims but rather remembering them as the way not to repeat - while also providing paths to tolerance, respect and deeper mutual understanding of our religions, cultures and historical experiences. ...

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